Vania Magalhães – Systemowa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości

Vania Magalhães

About the trainer

Portuguese expert with 18 years of professional experience with organizations from the public to private sector.

In recent years, as a labor inspector at the Portuguese Ministry of Labor, she has conducted thousands of interviews with employees from various sectors and companies.

She perfectly knows the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the dynamically developing labor market of today.

Her experience allows each training to be tailored to the target group - entrepreneurs, students, people interested in self-employment.

Together with Daniel Weiss, she designed innovative workshops combining System, LEGO® Serious Play® with Business Model You and Branding.

She promotes individual, team and business sessions of organizational constellations, systemic coaching and mentoring aimed at solving emerging systemic problems.



Professional counseling

Systemic coaching

Additional information

The ideal of justice that characterized her from childhood led her to graduate from law studies and to pursue the path of social rights, especially in the field of work, with experience in the legal profession, but also in personnel management, in the academic field and in human rights NGOs and also as a labor inspector.

Today it is mainly systemic laws that guide her work.

Because she tested it and found it working, she became a harbinger of systems thinking and constellations; has decided to devote herself to the mission of facilitating processes for brave clients who decide to take the sometimes difficult but rewarding journey of promoting harmony in their systems.