A synergistic team based on FRIS – Systemowa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości

Training subject: “A synergistic team based on FRIS”

Training objectives:

The main goal of the training is to guide the team to look for potential, at the same time deciphering the intention and supporting the needs, expectations and goals. As a result, understanding of the mechanisms of perception of reality influencing the reception of a specific message or situation will follow.

Thanks to participation in the training, you will:

• learn and be able to name and list the styles of thinking according to FRIS,

• practice and you will be able to apply communication models to facilitate the provision of feedback,

• understand conflict as part of team building and learn about the team building phases.

Recipients of training:

The training is dedicated to teams wishing to:

• get to know each other better,

• develop despite differences,

• build potential on diversity,

• integrate to achieve better results.

A few words about the method:

Using the FRIS methodology and the LEGO® Serious Play method, we ensure that it is a perfect combination of stimulating creativity among employees intertwined with the provision of knowledge about cognitive styles. We believe that team synergy needs a space for diagnosis and mutual understanding of intentions and needs.

Coach profile:

Katarzyna CzajkowskaAccredited ICF coach at the ACC level, certified clean coach, business trainer, FRIS trainer, author of AROFATEM cards, owner of a printing house and publishing house. She teaches coaching at the SET Group Coaching Academy. She graduated from the Faculty of Professional and Personnel Consulting and Management with a specialization in Psychology in Management. She is a member of Toastmasters International, under which she became a finalist of the Polish Humorous Speaking Championship and Polish Vice-Champion of Improvised Speaking. Originator and co-organizer of the Poznań Leader Studio, where leadership competences are developed. Points Of You method practitioner.

Additional information:
  • Mode: offline
  • Duration: 6h-8h (1 day)
  • Number of participants: 8-15
  • Number of trainers: 1
  • Certificate: YES
  • Language of the training: Polish
Training price:

1 trainer: PLN 4200 net (+ 23% VAT)

A synergistic team based on FRIS