Quantum Training – Systemowa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości


Purpose of the training:

Building self-awareness, discovering potentials and stabilization, which translates directly into creating business and life. Conscious and hidden intentions to choose a specific goal. The training is to provide knowledge on the basics of quantum physics, neurophysiology, neurolinguistics, the law of attraction and the laws of creation of reality. Each exercise is an inspiration.

What are the benefits of participating in the training?
  • the program is interdisciplinary – it uses many concepts and methodologies
  • allows you to talk about difficulties through an accessible language of metaphors,
  • develops real benefits and behavior models on a personal level,
  • opens up a new perspective on current situations
  • during the training, the trainer helps to look at the existing resources from a different perspective
Training program:
Day 1 (Standard: basic module):

Day 2 (Premium: extended module):

-Brief analysis of the universe manual, an introduction to the world of Quantum,
-The essence of involvement in a dynamic process,
-Insight meditation, self-knowledge, resources: strengths and weaknesses,
-Getting rid of the baggage of the past that sabotages effective action,
-Working with the body, spontaneous movement with focus on the goal,
-Compass of values,
-Anchoring changes,
-Coding the subconscious based on what is already known,
-Meditation on forgiveness,
-Internal critic: techniques for working with resistance. The Inner -Voice and Hawkins Levels of -Consciousness. The inner voice and the level of personal energy.
-Constellations – change control (according to Franz Rupert, modification of Kama Korytowska regarding internal personal aspects);
-Moving from fears and limitations to the quality of joy;
About the method:

Quantum is not magic, it is science. The training is dedicated to individuals who care about personal development. This is a good opportunity to enter the world of systemic constellations and learn about the laws that govern this approach. Thanks to quantum workshops, participants will learn or organize the basics of knowledge from the intangible world that directly affect life and business. Participants will be able to look at the current areas of life from a different perspective. They will be able to influence the achievement of success, the achievement of set goals and their development.

Each exercise performed during the training is an inspiration. It is recommended that most exercises be conducted as regular practice after training in order to consolidate and deepen the effects and focus on the goal.

Coach profile:

Adam Kin – body work therapist, breathing trainer, master of physiotherapy, regressor, author of the Progressive System Settings methodology and the Master Life Guide and Meditation. He works with the method of B. Hellinger’s Silent Constellations.

Involved in the mission of awakening the individual’s awareness, making people aware of the huge role of therapeutic and spiritual practices in personal development. In his work, he combines the achievements of modern psychology with parapsychological and spiritual knowledge. He draws from the rich heritage of many cultures, choosing practices that he believes are safe and support development.

Additional information:

Mode: offline

Duration: basic module: 4h and extended module: 4h (2 days x 4h)

Number of participants: min. 20 people

Number of trainers: 1

Certificate: YES

Language of the training: Polish

Training price:

1 day ticket: PLN 78 net (+ 23% VAT)

Ticket for 2 days: PLN 139 net (+ 23% VAT)

If you have difficulties with:

• personal development, you don’t know what’s best for you

• recognizing your resources

• the arrangement of knowledge on quantum physics, the operation of individual systems

• frequently playing the role of a victim, executioner or rescuer

• you enter into toxic relationships that drain your energy

• you feel lost

• self-esteem

contact us: biuro@systemowaszkola.com

Quantum Training