TRAINING LEGO Serious Play – Systemowa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości

Training subject: „Building communication processes based on the LEGO® Serious Play method”

Training objectives:

Based on the latest tools supporting the development of staff attitudes, we improve communication – by locating points of conflict. We develop competences in assertive communication and careful listening in order to establish good, long-term relationships with others. Communication is a process – we facilitate building solutions and implementations at the organizational and structural level.

What are the benefits of using the LEGO® Serious Play method?

• the program is interdisciplinary – it uses many concepts and methodologies to meet the expectations of the market and the client,

stimulates creativity at the team level,

• allows you to talk about difficulties through an accessible language of metaphors,

• develops real benefits and models of behavior at the organizational level,

• changes the formal distance in favor of open communication,

• stimulates commitment, innovation and breaks stereotypes,

• during the training, the trainer both introduces new knowledge and uses existing resources of the organization.

A few words about the method:

We are one of the few companies in Poland that can boast of using the LEGO® Serious Play method.

The training dedicated to organizations was based on the LEGO® Serious Play model.

Thanks to the system that stimulates creativity, taking into account the principles of communication influencing the achievement of success, achievement of goals and employee development – we have prepared a comprehensive model for diagnosing and resolving conflicts in company structures.

Coach profile:

Małgorzata Pankiewicz-Buko – Work and Organization Psychologist, Vocational Advisor, Personal skills, interpersonal development and specialist training coach. She has many years of experience in conducting personnel audits and monitoring recruitment processes. In her training, she always combines theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and tasks integrating the group, supporting the cooperation process. Graduate of Psychology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań.

Additional information:
  • Mode: offline
  • Duration: 6h-8h (1 dzień)
  • Number of participants: 8-15
  • Certificate: YES
  • Training language: Polish / English
  • Number of trainers: 1

1 trainer: PLN 3400 net (+ 23% VAT)